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Project Description

A win7 application which takes a ribbon markup (XML) and shows the resulting ribbon. The application compiles the Ribbon XML, (UICC.exe, RC.exe Link.exe). loads it and instantiate a window with the resulting Ribbon. The application controls the Ribbon and shows the Ribbon events.

Non-Functional Requirements

1. Run on Windows 7
2. Based on Windows 7 SDK and Win32 API with ATL, but with no other framework like MFC.
3. Visual Studio 2008 SP1


  1. Read a Ribbon markup file which its full path is provided in the first argument of the command line.
  2. Enable editing of the supply XML file, or a new XML file
  3. Show the Ribbon XML, in an editor
  4. Open/Save/Close of Ribbon XML file
  5. Compile the XML file into a Dynamic Library that contains the Ribbon resources
  6. Show the compilation output text in a read only text window (Tab)
  7. Show the resulting resource file text in a read only text window (Tab)
  8. Show the resulting header file text in a read only text window (Tab)
  9. Load the result Dynamic Link Library and show the Ribbon
  10. Display a Ribbon for managing the created Ribbon
  11. Set the various Application Modes
  12. Show the various popup menus and mini-toolbars
  13. Show the various contextual tabs
  14. Invalidate a property of a Ribbon command
  15. Set directly a property of a Ribbon command
  16. Change Ribbon Colors
  17. Save & Load the Ribbon (QAT/Minimized) state
  18. Display the Ribbon callback method calls and the property key/property variant values ( partially implemented )
  19. Use a resource from executable or dynamic link library as the ribbon source for the application, for example show the ribbon of Paint ( not implemented yet )

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